Cara Falkane

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Cara Falkane is the daughter and heir apparent of the Berellionese Barony of Vassport, to the north of the country.

A shy and somewhat romantic girl, she met with the Knights of the Silver Cross when they were assigned to Berellion, and quite fancied both the minor Mantonian royal Jerall Markant and socially acceptable bit of rough Lucian Albrecht. During a lavish ball in their honour, the Knights of the Silver Cross foiled an assassination attempt on her father, which proved to be cover for a daring kidnapping.

The Knights of the Silver Cross were able to rescue Mistress Cara, but only after she had been the subject of an unholy ritual by the followers of Sulansis (Probably the minions of the Spider Queen) who had kidnapped her. Later, after returning home, she attempted to kill her father whilst under the influence of the ritual; the Knights of the Silver Cross and the palace guard were able to disarm and neutralise her without serious damage.

Due to his role in her rescue, Mistress Cara became romantically attached to Jerall Markant, and was devastated when he fell into a coma due to the Dark Curse. She has been at his bedside ever since.

As her father is a prominent pro-Mantoni Berellion noble, an alliance between the House of Vassport and the House of Markant seems possible, should Jerall ever awake from his coma. The tart.