Knights of the Silver Cross

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The Knights of the Silver Cross are the élite troubleshooting team attached to the Mantonian Noble Council. They are the counterparts of the Knights of the Golden Flame, who serve the Royal Council. The present CO of the KotSC is Lord Taren Holme of the Royal Order of the Hawk.

The phrase Silver Cross is a reference to the ancient Dantonian Fortress of the Silver Cross.

It is possible to have more than one group of KotSC active at any given time and, in fact, there are currently two. The main characters of the campaign are the First Company (listed below), while the Second Company are a little less noteworthy.

Originally the current First Company were themselves counted as Second, but the deaths of the previous First Company at the Tower of Kallerain brought about a rapid promotion.

Present Roster

Former Members


Other Notable Allies