Jerall Markant

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A Knight Adventurer of the Royal Order of the Crown and a member of the Knights of the Silver Cross until he was struck down by the terrible curse that affected the Royal Family of Mantoni.

Jerall is an adept warrior and a skilled adventurer, although his true passion is for social and political matters. As a worshipper of Vellamni, Jerall is often rather impulsive and has a reputation as a womaniser. This tendency is rather amplified by his natural good looks and striking resemblance to Prince Anthony.

Indeed Jerall's resemblance to his cousin is so strong that the two actually swapped places between 432 and 434 EA, meaning that it was actually Prince Anthony who served with the Silver Cross - while Jerall was forced into the role of Regent when the four princes collapsed as a result of the curse.

With the curse lifted and the war with Karantas over, Jerall has largely returned to his old, carefree ways - and now enjoys a significantly enhanced reputation since news of his secret stint as Regent has now leaked to the public. On this basis, Jerall is currently being considered for membership in the Knights of the Golden Flame.