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Lucian Albrecht is an archetypal honourable Mantonian warrior™. His interest in history borders on the obsessive. He declares his atheism in the face of Gods, and thus can be regarded as somewhat self-destructive. Other indicators of psychological instability include a tendency to taunt people who are breaking his fingers; entering combats when already heavily wounded; carrying a sword that, frankly, is quite the most disturbing piece of personal armament I have seen in my entire professional career. Lucian should be sectioned immediately.

Lucian's relationship with his magic sword has been strained further by using it to power an ancient seal and then going off to battle with another sword.

Lucian is also mildly peeved by the fact that his is now decisively outranked by everyone in his party, although he was granted the brevet rank of Field Knight in recognition of his part in smashing the Sulinast.

Lucian is a Knight Adventurer, who is presently serving with the Knights of the Silver Cross. His Knight Quest, to recover ancient texts relating to the orgin of the Royal Order of the Dragon from underneath the Dragon Desert, was completed after the Victory of Light, the first batch being possessed by Shenn-Akrath and he was forced to excavate a second location. He owns a horse named Gilbert.

His current location is Karantas and the Buffer States, assisting with the post-war situation.

Lucian is a Kamathar Human, although his maternal grandmother is Eldren. His mixed ancestry is typical of many Mantonians, although his Eldren features are more prominent that this might suggest—his ears have a distinct point—due to a magical accident in the spiritual echo of Dragonbone Keep.


Lucian Albrecht was born in the small fishing and farming community of Merrish, on the west coast of Mantoni. He attended the school run there by the Royal Order of the Bear, but was eventually accepted by the Royal Order of the Dragon, an impressive feat for a small-town commoner. (His parents run a large apple and pork farm).

He excelled in two-handed sword training at the Citadel of the Silver Dragon and, upon promotion to the rank of Warrior, was assigned to the Dragon Riders cavalry as part of the Army of the Dragon guarding the border with Karantas. During his year in the borderlands he saw action in a number of skirmishes with the Karantian Blackspear Cavalry.

Impressed by his performance, his superiors recalled Lucian to Great Heldmar and transferred him to the Red Dragon Sect before assigning him to the KotSC. Shortly thereafter he was promoted to the Dragon Guard Sect and asked to keep a watchful eye on the rather erratic Sorceress Aesha Lehtranna.

He remains an expert swordsman, presently wielding an Aethleas Sword, although he is the designated bearer of the blade Onostothorin, currently powering the Great Seal of Aethleas. In addition, he is a skilled tactician and strategist.

His hobbies include historical research, archaeology, and philosophy. He is a terrible liar. He has one sibling, Catharine, who is a member of the Royal Order of the Unicorn.

Fun Facts

The name 'Lucian' is the masculine form of the name of the Goddess of Luck, Lucia. The wisdom of naming one's child this is very much a matter for debate.