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10/11/09-07/12/09 (


  • Gave Freezing Mists the Discriminating attribute, allowing its caster to grant immunity to the mist's damage or to turn off its damage completely.
  • Buffed the Cold Damage inflicted by Frost Forge from 4 x Power to 6 x Power.
  • Reworked Teleport and Group Teleport – making them easier to cast by default and giving them the option of working over short distances without requiring a beacon, but making them non-optional rituals with length based on Power invested and no longer allowing their difficulties to be reduced through ritual casting. In addition, Group Teleport's range is now twice what it was and it can transport twice as many people by default – although its casting time is three times that of Teleport. Finally, both spells now have reduced Power ranges – both Minimum and Maximum.

14/09/09-09/11/09 (

First Aid


28/07/09-14/09/09 (


07/07/09-27/07/09 (

Life Magic/Healing/Blood Magic

Elemental Magic

  • Increased the Difficulty of Bright Sparks from 12 to 13 and Air Sense and Clear Air from 14 to 15.
  • Added a Maximum Sense Range limit to Air Sense to bring it in line with Earth Sense and Water Sense and increased its Maximum Power Cost to make this work. Also added an Activation Trance requirement to the spell – requiring the caster to remain stationary and concentrate in order to use the ability, but effectively letting him turn it on and off quite easily. Made Power Cost Variable.
  • Reduced the Difficulty of Earth Sense from 16 to 15 and clarified that it counts as requiring an Activation Trance. Also buffed its Minimal Power range and improved its Power efficiency, but reduced its Maximum Power Cost. Made Power Cost Variable.
  • Changed Stars of the Deep to Star of the Deep and buffed it considerably. It now produces a star-shaped ice-charm that provides some Illumination even when out of the water. When submerged it produces its old area-effect Illumination – but also allows its wearer to breath water. Increased the spell's Difficulty from 12 to 13 to reflect its increased utility.
  • Buffed Water Sense considerably – it now has greater range, greater Maximum Power Cost and when out of water it now has some limited functionality – allowing him to detect water nearby, and halving any Awareness penalties caused by mist or fog.
  • Dropped Nymph's Blessing entirely and moved Hidden Depths from Advanced Aquakinetics to Common Aquakinetics to replace it. Reduced the difficulty of Hidden Depths from 17 to 16.
  • Dropped Frozen Path entirely and moved Bubble from Advanced Aquakinetics to Common Aquakinetics to replace it. Reduced the difficulty of Bubble from 17 to 16.
  • Reworked Ice Armour as an armour-buff rather than providing a discrete suit of armour, it now provides a bonus based on the strength of the armour it is layered with. Incorporated the old ice-attunement effect that used to be provided by Frozen Path into Ice Armour. Reduced Power Cost of Ice Armour from 3 to 6 to 1 to 4 and Difficulty from 20 to 17.
  • Dropped Frozen Touch entirely and moved Ice Armour from Advanced Aquakinetics to Common Aquakinetics to replace it.
  • Reduced Difficulty of Frost Forge from 16 to 14 and tweaked it slightly so that items created now remain afterwards and/or when dropped by the caster, but just as mundane ice.
  • Increased the Awareness penalty inflicted by Freezing Mists from -3 to -4.
  • Removed the Overcharge attribute from Flameshroud.
  • Drastically reduced the Durability of Ice Shards, in order to bring them in line with other spells. Previously this high Durability was necessary to prevent them being casually negated by standing area-damage effects (such as Flameshroud), but projectiles now take reduced damage when passing through such effects.
  • Barrage's Rate of Fire is now fixed as Autofire 10, rather than being variable based on Casting Total.
  • Added Blades of Ice to Advanced Aquakinetics, a spell that summons a half-dozen orbiting blades that can guard against attacks or be launched at enemies.
  • Somewhat extended the utility of Mist Step by allowing it to function with departure or destination points that are covered in only a few centimetres of water, and by adding a secondary mist-creation effect – potentially disguising the caster's departure, confusing/annoying pursuers or allowing him to apparently vanish while actually remaining nearby.
  • Added Winter Song to Advanced Aquakinetics, a Vocal spell that can either boost cold resistance, or inflict substantial Cold Damage on anyone who is already suffering a Dex-penalty caused by cold.
  • Considerably buffed the cold/heat resistance provided by Temperate Charm, Ice Armour and especially Burning Path. Dropped Burning Path's Wound Effect modifier versus Fire Damage.
  • Added Tsunami Sphere to Advanced Aquakinetics – a very powerful Aura-type attack spell that does massive damage and knocks enemies back, but only works in water.

Astral Magic

Essence Magic


30/06/09-06/07/09 (

First Aid

  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of removing Embedded projectiles whilst inflicting reduced damage.
  • Reduced the extra damage caused by Embedded Barbed weapons on removal from +100% to +50%.

Damage and Saves


Melee Combat

02/06/09-29/06/09 (


Melee Weapons

  • Revised melee weapon damage so that damage is now along the lines of X + Strength x Y, rather than simply Strength x Z as it was previously (where Y is much lower than Z). In practice this means that most characters will find their melee damage relatively unchanged overall, but high-strength characters using two-handed weapons will no longer be so disproportionately devastating. This damage review also involved some minor tweaks to weapon balance, principally to slightly buff a few underpowered weapons such as staves.
  • Added the Giant Axe, which is kinda similar to the Giant Sword, but axe-shaped.

Ranged Weapons

  • Removed the +DC buff granted to ranged weapons at Close and Point-Blank range. Removed the concept of anti-armour arrows and quarrels and instead gave all bows and crossbows a single armour-neutral damage rating.
  • Buffed the damage of ranged and thrown weapons considerably to compensate for the above changes. Added rules for projectiles becoming Embedded in their target – requiring a First Aid check to remove and inflicting additional damage on the way out.
  • Gave arrows and quarrels the Barbed property, which makes them especially difficult and dangerous to remove when Embedded.

12/05/09-01/06/09 (


  • Added the Telekinetics Spell Group, which costs 15.
  • Clarified that all Enchanted Item spells require direct contact with the item when casting, unless they separately list Enchanting Range.
  • Added the Runecasting ability for 10 points, which allows you to substitute your Crafting skill in place of Spellcasting, but which provides only a very limited ability to actually cast spells.
  • Added the Concentration stat, which dictates the number of Spell, Form, Item and Rune Slots that a character has access to. By default all character have Concentration of 1 and Enhanced Concentration, etc. now simply increase this stat, rather than directly affecting your number of Spell Slots.
  • Moved Enhanced Concentration, etc. from Spellcasting to Meditation in order to encourage spellcasters to take Meditation as a key support skill and to allow non-spellcasters to increase their Concentration without having to learn magic.
  • Slightly rewrote how focus and power runes work to fit them in with the new Rune Slots made available by Concentration. Focus runes now require 1 Rune Slot, while power or advanced focus runes require 2 and advanced power runes require 3.
  • Slightly buffed the Maximum Power Cost of Thunder Shot to help compensate for the fact that it is less Power-efficient than Guiding Wind.
  • Reduced the Maximum Power Cost of many spells, but gave some the new Overcharge attribute to partially compensate. Also tweaked the Minimum Power Cost in some cases.
  • Dropped the number of strikes inflicted by Chain Lightning from 5 to 4, although since the fifth hit was always pretty unlikely to hit this is a pretty minor nerf in effect. Also reduced the Minimum Power Cost from 5 to 4.
  • Slightly buffed the maximum Weight of objects created by Frost Forge to compensate for its reduced Maximum Power Cost.
  • Slightly buffed Bubble across the board, partially to compensate for its reduced Maximum Power Cost and partially just to encourage its use.
  • Buffed the Bonus Armour gained when guarding with Wings of Light.
  • Made Hollow Word slightly easier to cast (19 instead of 20) to compensate for Power nerf.

12/04/09-11/05/09 (

Focus Abilities

Social Skills and Acting

Farming & Herding


First Aid

General Knowledge

  • Scrapped the old Familiarity system and moved Area Knowledge here from Survival.
  • Reduced cost of Area Knowledge and expanded it to cover both wilderness and cities.
  • Dropped Basic Literacy entirely.


  • Changed Advanced Literacy to just Literacy (with Linguistics 1 as only prerequisite) and clarified that how well you can read depends on your Linguistics skill.


  • Dropped the bonuses from Basic Ropes & Knots in favour of making it a prerequisite for Seafaring: Sailing. Dropped its optional Crafting requirement from 3 to 1 and reduced its cost from 3 to 1.
  • Reduced the cost of Advanced Ropes & Knots from 3 to 2, reduced its optional Crafting requirement from 4 to 3 and reduced its bonuses from +2 to +1 to keep it in line with Basic Ropes & Knots. Made this a prerequisite for Expert Sailing.
  • Added the Sailing (2) and Expert Sailing (3) abilities.



  • Reduced cost of Battle Gesture from 3 to 2 and reduced Tactics requirement from 3 to 2 but increased Linguistics requirement from 1 to 2.


  • Reduced the optional Intimidation-only requirement for Battle-Cry from 5 to 4 and from 3 to 2 when coupled with Melee Combat of 4.
  • Reduced the Intimidation requirement for Chilling Battle-Cry from 6 to 5.


Melee Combat


  • Reworked Stealth penalties for movement, proximity and lack of cover with the assumption that walking, with partial cover and being within 20m is the norm (I.e. Unmodified) with slower movement, more cover or greater distance now providing bonuses and penalties for less cover or distance or faster movement reduced to remain in line.
  • Dropped the idea of moving stealthily being a full action, so that it is now possible to Sprint stealthily – although this applies a -5 penalty.




05/03/09-11/04/09 (


Potions and Powders

Basic Spirit Binding


Melee Combat

Ranged Combat

  • Decreased cost of Speed Load Crossbow from 8 to 6, to discourage shooting & dropping.
  • Altered cost of Snapshooting from 6 to 4 and Expert Snapshooting from 6 to 8, keeping the overall cost of buying both the same, but helping to keep costs down for characters who want to be some use with a crossbow.

Thrown Weapons

  • Added the Bolas Specialisation ability.
  • Reduced the cost of Rapid Throw from 8 to 6 to help keep it competitive with Multi-Throw.
  • Reduced penalty for throwing simple projectiles without training from -3 to -2.


  • Reduced the penalty for Stealth/Survival in an unfamiliar environment from -3 to -2.



Racial Abilities/Shapeshifting

Damage Types

  • Clarified that Delayed Effect Damage that also has an area-effect loses its area when going off inside its victim's armour – but gains +1 DC instead.
  • Further clarified that DE Stun Damage with an area-effect loses the Stun property when going off inside armour – this being mainly applicable to Shockwave Damage.

Trivial Non-Combat Abilities