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Abilities represent special training or experience gained by a character within the broad area encompassed by a given Skill and allow a character much greater freedom to specialise. For example, two characters who both have the same level of Dexterity and Melee Combat Skill might still fight very differently depending on what Abilities they possess - perhaps specialising in different weapons, and having a different selection of attacks and techniques available to them.

All Abilities are based on a given Skill, and often require a character to have a certain level in that Skill and/or to have previously learnt one or more other Abilities before they can be purchased. Requirements of this kind are listed in each Ability description as Prerequisites. A list of related Abilities is provided on each Skill's page.

There are many different types of Abilities: Ability Groups, Spell Groups, Techniques, Attacks, Combo Attacks, Reactions, Stances, Defensive Enhancements, Spell Enhancements, Focus Abilities, Specialisations, Vocal Techniques, Meditative Techniques, Crafting Techniques, Language Abilities and Passive Abilities. Unless an Ability lists itself as a specific type, it is considered to be Passive.

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