Toloth Vae

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The first step of the Bright Path in Kotar, the temple of Toloth Vae lies only a short distance from the city of Koloth. Like all of the Bright Path, Toloth Vae is sacred to Solandria, the Goddess of Light.

In particular the temple is believed to inspire a desire for learning and its extensive libraries are open to all visiting pilgrims. Many believe, however that to truly learn one must draw upon the inspiration granted by Toloth Vae to journey to every temple on the Bright Path - learning a new aspect of light at each one. Still others argue that the temple's lesson is that the path of true learning is different for every visitor and that while some may study at the libraries or travel the Bright Path, others may find themselves inspired to less obvious routes.

The most commonly visited of all Kotari temples, the Toloth Vae has been expanded many times over the years and is almost a small town in its own right - being second in size only to the great Lothae Sol. The temple is built in and around the hills that lie between Koloth and the Aoleth Mountains and it features several high towers that offer breathtaking views of its surroundings. Each of the temple's twelve main shrines stands upon a different hilltop, while the libraries are built in a series of winding catacombs that are built deep into the hills themselves and interconnect all the temple's scattered buildings.

Some scholars claim that the temple's design is the original inspiration for the Mantonian capital of Great Heldmar.