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"Taramis knew great despair for his journey had now become his death, but even as he sank beneath the waves a great black bird appeared and pulled him from his doom."

Taramis is the God of Weather, Wind and Travel.

Taramis has always been an adventurer; he is friendly with Lucia and Schiraman and is especially close to Yaasha. It is believed that Taramis and Oasis are lovers, for they share a passion for travel.

Taramis is known as the traveller’s friend and he will occasionally help those in need. He has yet to act in the brewing war but he is known to favour Vellamni and Solandria over Sulansis and Alas.

He appears as a seasoned traveller, dressed in black and accompanied by a raven. His symbol is the Raven, his worshippers follow the Code of Taramis.

Notable worship of Taramis includes the Royal Order of The Raven in Mantoni, the Church of the Traveller in Sular and the Cult of Taramis in Saralot.

Taramis is one of the few Gods to have travelled beyond the Sphere of Reshomme since the spheres were scattered at the end of the Gods' War. He was also instrumental in the building of Karonleas, the great Dunoln city that facilitates travel through the planes as well as outside the sphere.

Taramis is served by the Angel Taikala, often known as the Angel of The Lost, and served as joint patron with Yaasha over Starenkeen, the Angel of Storms.