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"He knew then that heaven was not for him, for it was not the peace of the gentle waves that held his heart but the raging fury of the righteous storm."

The Angel of Storms, a warrior demi-god who served Yaasha and Taramis. Starenkeen appeared as a strong and weather-beaten man with long, white hair and glowing, blue-white eyes. In combat he wielded a massive, lightning-enchanted axe and he was sometimes known to manifest great wings formed of lightning.

Before his ascension Starenkeen was a legendarily powerful Sorcerer Adventurer, a worshipper of Yaasha and Taramis, a driving force behind the Order of the Dolphin and a formidable warrior on land or at sea.

It was a deep striking raid against Karantas where he finally met his end – it is said that the Angel of Alas herself met him at Hightemple and struck him down after a mighty battle. Death, however, proved only a minor setback as he has continued to appear in a variety of battles since that day – most notably at the request of the fledgling Order of Storms who hope to follow his glorious example.

Recently he fought once more with the Angel of Alas, again at Hightemple, and this time he slew his hated foe. However her death heralded his own, as the arrival of the Black Citadel annihilated his physical form. It is believed that his spirit may have been reincarnated once more as a mortal, but so far his worshippers have found no trace of him.

Starenkeen's symbol is the Storm Ring; a wheel of waves with spokes of lightning. His followers adhere to the Code of Starenkeen.