Star of Heldmar

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The Star of Heldmar is a rarely-issued medal awarded in Mantoni to those who have won great victories for the nation against overwhelming odds. It is named in memory of the Battle of the Stars at Heldmar, one of the turning points in the Wars of Strife.

The medal itself is a small, silver shield set with four gems, a diamond in the centre surrounded by a sapphire, ruby and emerald. The gems represent the Gems of Magnas and the shield suggests the defence of the realm.

When first issued the Star of Heldmar is normally set as the centre-piece of a silver circlet, placed on the head of the recipient by the King or Queen. When wearing the medal at less formal occasions however it is normally hung from a silver ribbon and worn alongside other decorations.

[If anyone can remember the details of your previous decoration then let me know - I think it was called the Crescent of Danton? Or something like that? -Robin] [It was The Mark of Danton, but IIRC it is crescent-shaped - Dan]