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Each Skill covers a fairly broad area, and is primarily dependant on one of the character's Stats. Whenever a character attempts a challenging task, or has a chance to spot a clue or remember a relevant fact, the GM may require a Skill Check to determine the outcome.

Like Stats, Skills are normally rated from 1 to 10 - however they cannot exceed the level of the Stat that they are based on.

Buying a Skill at level 1 costs 1 point. Increasing a Skill to the next level costs a number of points equal to its current level. For example: increasing a skill from 2 to 3 costs 2 points, from 4 to 5 costs 4 points, etc.

Some skills are more difficult to learn than normal, as indicated by a Difficulty Modifier listed in brackets following the name of the skill - such as Spellcasting (4). Skills of this kind multiply the normal cost for buying each level by the Difficulty Modifier. For example: buying Spellcasting at level 1 costs 4 points instead of 1, and increasing it from level 3 to level 4 costs 12 points instead of just 3 - due to Spellcasting's Difficulty Modifier of 4.

Intelligence Skills

Empathy Skills

Willpower Skills

Dexterity Skills

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