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"Then came a traveller from afar, a soldier of many wars, come to rest. He spoke unto the gathered host saying that his name was Schiraman. Menkharra embraced him, for his many great deeds were legendary, and bade him stay to lead his children in the ways of Law."

Schiraman is the God of Law, Purity and Truth. Probably the most powerful God, he is worshipped widely on Teth and throughout the Planes of Reshomme.

Schiraman first arrived at Reshomme in the Second Age and was welcomed by Menkharra as a mighty ally. In time Schiraman fell in love with an Amma woman named Leyanna and she bore him a daughter - Hellani.

When Menkharra was slain by the Amma, Leyanna was killed along with all the other Amma by a grief-stricken Alas. Devastated by her loss Schiraman set out to slay Alas but was halted by his daughter. Although he is normally unbending in his pursuit of law, Hellani remains the one person who can sometimes persuade him to favour compassion in its stead.

During the Third Age, and again at the end of the Fifth Schiraman left Reshomme to travel the Wild Sea in search for the Hub Sphere. During these absences, the more recent of which only ended at the start of the Eighth Age, the forces of Law were greatly weakened - although Schiraman's armies continued to battle against chaos, led by the great Angel Jurakell.

He was once served by the Angel Iasakell, known as the Bright Huntress, but she abandoned his teachings in the Sixth Age.

Major worshippers of Schiraman on Teth include the Royal Order of the Lion in Mantoni, the High Church of Schiraman in Antalon, the Church of Law in Thalas and the Cult of Schiraman in Saralot.

Schiraman is normally depicted as a knight clad in white armour and bearing a great Golden Sword. His symbol is the Arrow of Law, a single arrow pointing straight upwards.

Worshippers of Schiraman are bound to obey the Code of Schiraman.