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Reshomme is a Sphere floating within the Wild Sea. When Menkharra and his companions first arrived there it was empty, but Menkharra created the Planes within it and populated it with the Amma.

Following the death of Menkharra and the Amma, the Core Plane and many of the other Planes (principally the Central Planes) became home to chaotic life, born from the blood of Menkharra and the tears of Alas. This life drove the Gods away from the Core Plane and caused them to build new homes amongst the Fringes. These homes became known as Heavens.

The Sphere also contains the Netherworld and the Astral Plane.

It is possible to leave Reshomme and journey into the Wild Sea beyond, the easiest place to do so is the city of Karonleas - built by Taramis and the Dunoln for just that purpose.