Prince Halaric

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Eldest son of King Torric II of Mantoni, Halaric is a strong and capable man of few words. He is known to have extremely strong will and tends to be stubborn and outspoken. Many believe he will be a strong King someday and there is much speculation as to whether to Royal Order of the Crown and the Royal Family may become more politically active under his leadership.

When the Dark Curse first struck down the King, Halaric became Regent and ruled capably in his father stead, managing somehow to withstand the curse long after it had incapacitated two of his younger brothers. Eventually even Halaric succumbed however, and Jerall Markant, in the guise of the youngest prince Anthony then served as Regent instead.

After the recent victory of Mantoni and its allies over Karantas, Prince Halaric has been made Governor of the ex-Karantian city of Haelenfels and ruler of the newly-formed Regency of Haelenfels.

Prince Halaric is a devoted worshipper of Schiraman.