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Fourth son of King Torric II of Mantoni. Prince Anthony is a handsome man and is known to worship Vellamni - features he has in common with his cousin Jerall Markant. In fact the two are so similar in appearance and demeanor that they actually swapped places for much of 432-434 EA in order that the prince might join the Knights of the Silver Cross.

Thus it was actually the prince, and not Jerall, who accomanied the Silver Cross on their famous adventures - which also explains why he was struck down by the Dark Curse - while Jerall, posing as the prince, remained unaffected for longer and was therefore pushed into the role of regent when Prince Halaric and his brothers collapsed.

Following the Victory of Light, Prince Anthony recovered from the curse and he and his cousin swapped back to their rightful places. The prince subsequently served in several battles in the war against Karantas and after Mantoni and its allies were victorious he was given the position of Governor of the city of Taerntorr, in the newly-formed Regency of Haelenfels.

Shortly after assuming his role as Governor, Prince Anthony wrote the semi-autobiographical Trials of the Silver Cross, detailing the time he spent with the Knights of the Silver Cross between first joining and falling under the effect of the Dark Curse. Although criticised by a number of sages because of alleged factual errors, this book proved extremely popular in Mantoni and Berellion and was soon followed by a sequel - Triumph of the Silver Cross. Triumph tells of the further adventures of the Knights of the Silver cross while Prince Anthony himself remained comatose in Berentor and then concludes with his recovery and their triumphant reunion in the final stages of the war against Karantas. Although much of Triumph is written from the Prince's perspective, apparently culled from prophetic dreams of his erstwhile companions experienced while trapped in the deathlike state provoked by the curse, its details broadly match those offered by first-hand witnesses - including the other Knights of the Silver Cross and it is generally hailed as a more mature work.