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Also known as the 'Holy Isle', Kotar is a large island that marks the Western edge of the Azure Sea and of Amethgare as a whole. First settled during the Seventh Age by Saralonian colonists, the island's population is mainly a mix of Saralonian Emerain and Karamain from Berellion, although many other races and cultures are also represented within the island's fairly diverse heritage.

Kotar is a fledgling nation, with little true infrastructure or government, and for the most part each town governs itself with little interference from outside. Although this loose-knit structure is common in newly colonised Saralonian states, Kotar is unusual in that Saralot seems to have lost all interest and has made no move to forge closer ties with Kotar for centuries.

The nominal government of Kotar is the Landholders' Council with their only real rival for control of the state being the Church of the Bright Path.

The closest thing Kotar has to capital city is the Eastern port of Vendoko. Other Kotarian towns include Koloth, Tennko, Koshomain, Koshovan and Hanloko.

All the major settlements of Kotar are on the fertile Eastern side of the island. The land to the West of the Aoleth Mountains, which divide the island neatly in two, is arid and plagued by dangerous beasts.

The site of greatest significance on Kotar is probably the Bright Path, a series of ancient temples that mark a path up into the Aoleth mountains.