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The birthplace of the Kamarain race and the oldest existing nation on Amethgare (with the possible exception of Thalas). Karantas is a large and powerful country located in the south-west and shares borders with Lonas to the west, Berellion to the north and Mantoni and Endon to the east. To the south lies the Sea of Esharra, to the north-west the Azure Sea and to the north-east the Kamarain Gulf.

Karantas has always proclaimed itself the true home of Humanity, although it accepts only Amethyar as truly human and considers the Kamarain to be the purest of these races. Traditionally a stubborn and aggressive nation, Karantas has engaged in many wars with its neighbours in an attempt to either drive out the Eldren 'invaders' of Lonas and Endon or to subjugate the 'impure' half-breeds of Mantoni.

Since Berellion was once part of Karantas, it refused to acknowledge the breakaway state as a true nation - preferring instead to count it as a collection of rebel cities that would eventually be reclaimed.

The recent crushing defeat of Karantas at the hands of Mantoni, Berellion, Endon, Estalon and Isontar has forced a reversal of this policy however, as well as adding several more Karantian cities to Berellion and forming the borderlands with Endon and Mantoni into a buffer-state known as the Regency of Haelenfels.

For centuries Karantas was a repressive theocracy ruled by the Cult of Alas based at Hightemple but the death of the Angel of Alas and sudden appearance of the Black Citadel annihilated the cult's leadership and led to General Tarankaer, the highest-ranking survivor of the Karantian army, declaring himself Patriarch. The current capital of Karantas is Makar.

Even after the fall of the old government it is still illegal to worship any God other than Alas, although those cities that are now part of Berellion or the Regency enjoy much greater religious freedom.