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"But when the child was born, her eyes held compassion that the father had never known. Though she grew to be as great a warrior as he, she would never wield a weapon, save in the defence of others."

Hellani is the Goddess of Protection, Healing and Compassion.

The daughter of Schiraman and Leyanna, an Amma woman killed during the rage of Alas. Although her father sought to confront Alas over the death of his lover, Hellani persuaded him that enough blood had been spilt already that day. This decision, to embrace forgiveness over vengeance - even in the face of such a loss - is considered a basic foundation of the worship of Hellani and is something that her followers do their best to emulate.

Hellani tries to remain neutral in the affairs of gods and men, preferring to stop wars rather than start them. Although she has fought in several campaigns in her long lifetime she has never taken a life and has always fought to defend those weaker than herself.

She appears as an attractive woman with copper-coloured hair, bearing a great bronze shield. Her shield is said to have been forged for her as gift by Yndataraen, and the fact that she continues to bear it despite his subsequent betrayal of her father is a sign of her forgiveness. Her symbol is the Healing Hand; a hand held palm-outwards with fingers spread wide. Her followers adhere to the Code of Hellani.

Hellani is a powerful and widely worshipped god; notable followers include the Royal Order of the Hawk in Mantoni, The Church of the Guardians in Marland and the High Temple of Hellani in Thalas.