Guardians of the Balance

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The Guardians of the Balance were a fabled order of scholars and knights, believed to have once operated from the city of Barrastus and said to have been the secret guardians of the great Barrastus Archive. According to modern legends the Guardians secretly worked to find an alternative to the endless wars between Law and Chaos - despite the public alliance between Barrastus and the Golden Land.

Whether these stories have a basis in fact remains unclear, and with little trace of the city having survived the Devouring Mist the truth of the matter will probably never be known. Nevertheless it remains an enduring myth with the Rusanti people, especially as relations with the Golden Land have steadily worsened.

Since the destruction of Linnastus, the survivors camped near the ruins of Barrastus have begun to add a new twist to the tale - saying that the Guardians will someday return, to finish what they started and help the people of Varys to overcome both Law and Chaos.

With the fall of Vahkastus placing the refugees in even greater danger, the Council of Priests is known to have recruited a group of warriors and mages to help both the refugees and their Vahkastian allies. As word of these bold adventurers has spread around the makeshift villages in the Black Hills many of the Rusanti have taken to calling them the Guardians of the Balance, perhaps in the hope that they will one day fulfil this bold prophecy.

The current members of this possibly heroic group are: Lauretta Alda Vae, Talath A'Marr, Bahrad Avhanda, Ariana Tor Beth, Keltoth Victor and Tahn Sa-Rees. With Athia Helena serving as their link to the Council of Priests.