Great Heldmar

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The capital city of Mantoni, Great Heldmar is the largest fortification on Teth - being composed of twelve citadels and numerous towers and walls built atop the Halla Plateau and straddling the Marai Ravine.

The Town of Heldmar first achieved true notoriety with the Battle of the Stars at the height of the Wars of Strife during the Seventh Age. Following this great victory the town was renamed Great Heldmar and the victorious armies each built a great citadel so that Heldmar would endure as a great fortress of the Amethyar forever. These armies became the backbone of Mantonian society; the Royal Orders.

Over the years the city grew beyond the reach of the citadels, and to ensure that it remained unassailable a new series of walls and towers were constructed, with each tower home to one of the new Noble Orders.