Great Breach

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The Great Breach was a disaster of near unimaginable scale that occurred in the Fifth Age when the perimeter of Reshomme was somehow ruptured, allowing the Wild Sea to pour directly in to countless Fringe Planes.

This influx of Chaos energy was enough on its own to twist or destroy many planes, but to make matters worse it was accompanied by a massive invading army led by a trio of demi-gods. With Schiraman travelling the Wild Sea in search of the Hub Sphere, defence of Reshomme against this threat fell mainly to his three most trusted servants: Jurakell, Iasakell and Yndataraen. In time these three were able to stem the tide and eventually seal the breach itself, but it is believed that it was this period that led directly to the corruption of Yndataraen and Iasakell's abandonment of the path of Schiraman.