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The Gods are powerful, immortal beings most of whom originated on the Hub Sphere.

The first Gods to arrive at Reshomme were Menkharra and his companions. Later other Gods such as Schiraman, Mithrilanda, Lucia and Draxos arrived while others were born or raised to godhood from the ranks of the Amma or Humanity.

The Gods generally dwell in the Heavens and they rarely travel to the Netherworld, the Core Plane or the Central Planes since their powers are greatly diminished there and they are relatively vulnerable.

Mithrilanda and Krellkarest are both currently trapped on the Core Plane and are thus considered the weakest, or at least the most vulnerable, of the Gods.

Many people throughout the Planes worship the Gods, granting the gods a little of their inherent Power. Most Gods will require certain behaviour from their worshippers and most especially their priests, but in return they grant Power to their priests through Divine Channelling.

The Gods find it difficult to truly understand mortals and it is difficult for mortals to understand the Gods. Partially this is because the Gods perceive the flow of time very differently to mortals, seeing many centuries as a fairly short span of time.

Although the Gods do not age they can still be killed by violence. Menkharra himself was slain by the Amma at the end of the Second Age.

Other notable Gods include the twins Solandria and Sulansis; Alas and Vellamni; Hollus; Yaasha; Faraya and Bethtarr; Grendarra; Taramis and Hellani.