Flying Kick

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Cost: 6
Ability Type: Attack
Related Skill: Melee Combat
Prerequisites: Side Kick and Athletics 4

This powerful aerial Kick requires a run-up in order to be effective, but if it hits inflicts decent damage and considerable Knockback. Flying Kicks have a -2 AM but have +1 DC, do Knockback 3 damage and allow half of the attacker's Movement to be added to their effective Strength (although effective Strength cannot be more than doubled by this bonus).

Flying Kicks count as a thrust for purposes of Aiming for Location, and do not suffer the normal -2 AM applied to kicks aimed above the Groin. After performing a Flying Kick the attacker must make an Athletics check with target of 20 in order to avoid falling to the floor. If the kick is parried or guarded this check suffers from a -3 penalty.