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Cost: 4
Ability Type: Reaction
Related Skill: Melee Combat
Prerequisites: Melee Combat 3 and Spear Training

Usable with any Long weapon that has a thrusting attack, Fend allows you to attack an approaching foe before they can get in melee range. Fend is performed as a defensive action, but takes place before the enemy attack and, if successful, not only damages them but prevents them from closing the distance – thus forcing them to abort their attack. It is only applicable against a foe attacking in melee and only if they are not using a long weapon themselves.

Fend uses the normal accuracy and damage for stabbing with your chosen weapon and its target may defend as normal. If the target succeeds in evading your attack (through a defence such as Parry or Dodge) then they move inside your guard and attack without penalty, while any defence you make is penalised as per the normal rules for making multiple defences. If the target Guards against your Fend then they are prevented from closing, though their shield helps prevent damage from your attack as normal.