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Dragons are powerful, immortal beings that, while once native to all of Reshomme gradually faded from existence during the Fifth and Sixth ages. Although they are naturally gifted with the ability to change their shape, they are most often portrayed as gigantic, winged, reptilian beings.

The greatest of all dragons is Mithrilanda, and other dragons are often referred to as her children. Whether the Goddess herself literally created the other dragons is somewhat unclear. Likewise it is uncertain whether she is simply a powerful dragon, a dragon-goddess or something quite separate from both.

Dragons generally are creatures of magic and chaos, the only real exception to this rule being Yndataraen and his Golden Dragons - who were beings of law, though corrupt and evil.

After the 'death' of Mithrilanda and the chaos that followed, much dragon-lore was lost and what remained was normally incomplete and mixed with guesswork and outright fiction, leading to a common belief on Teth that dragons were nothing more than legends.

More recently the Knights of the Silver Cross succeeded in freeing Benethyarr, once known as the Last Dragon, who had been trapped by the power of the Trenkytis into the Dragonclaw Spear and Dragonbone Keep. Although he is the only true dragon known to have survived from the earlier ages, two new dragons have been born since: Bade and Osterethyarr.

The strongest of dragons, such as Astenoreth and Benethyarr, are essentially demi-gods, and easily rival the power of the Angels. Individual dragons vary greatly in size, power and abilities but flight, great strength and shape-changing seem to be common to all true dragons. Many dragons are aligned to a particular element and wield powers associated with that element - for example fire dragons such as Astenoreth have flaming breath.

In addition to true dragons, various other draconic entities exist or have existed at one time or another. Yndataraen's Golden Dragons, the Shadow Dragon Osterebann and Shenn’Akrath are all examples of beings that are part-dragon.