Chorus of Remembrance

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The Chorus of Remembrance is an apocalyptic cult based mainly on the plane of Endaraen. Its members are sworn to preserve the culture and history of their home planes at any cost, in the face of their inevitable destruction by the Chaos that has afflicted them since the Great Breach.

Once a reputable, scholarly organisation, the Chorus has evolved over time to become increasingly martial and aggressive - using force to acquire artefacts and persons that it decides are novel or important, without consideration for consent or consequence. Anything claimed by the cult is kept in one of a number of secure storehouses where they can be magically preserved, although it is unclear whether these stores can reasonably be expected to survive the planes they are built on. Perhaps the most famous such cache is the Vault of Curiosities in the Silver Citadel.

Founded early in the Eighth Age, its power peaked towards the end of the age but has waned considerably since and it now finds itself beset by enemies. Notable rivals include the cult's Chaos-worshipping mirror-image Fate's Welcome Embrace and liberator-assassins Bringers of the Black Knife, as well as erstwhile allies the Regulators.