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The stuff of the Wild Sea, Chaos gives rise to many strange Planes and entities and is extremely dangerous. Occasionally Chaos can breach the walls of a Sphere and infect one or more of the Planes within; altering the affected Planes and gradually warping any inhabitants into strange and monstrous forms.

Whenever Chaos takes root within Reshomme the forces of Law seek to cleanse its influence from the affected planes, with Schiraman himself sometimes leading his forces personally. The greatest battles of this kind occurred during the Fifth Age following the Great Breach, when part of the sphere-wall shattered and the Wild Sea poured directly into Reshomme. Although the breach was swiftly sealed, countless planes were destroyed utterly or changed beyond recognition, and wars between Law and Chaos raged throughout the affected areas for Ages afterwards.

Examples of planes profoundly affected by the influence of Chaos are Aethleas and Varys, both in the Fringes.