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Also known as The Dragon of Dark and Light, The Last Dragon or, more recently, The First Dragon. Benethyarr is a whimsical being who seems generally to be on the side of good, although his precise motivations are rather unclear.

Benethyarr is capable of taking on many shapes and it is unknown which, if any, is his 'real' form. His most common appearance is that of an approximately Human figure with a somewhat strange and predatory face. When forced to show his true strength he is capable of adopting a massive 'true dragon' form which is around 20 metres long with huge wings, four legs and a long neck and tail. In all cases his colouration is strictly black and white.

As well as possessing a great deal of physical and magical power, Benethyarr is a skilled smith and frequently creates fine or even magical arms, armour and trinkets. These items are generally, but not always, black and white. Recently he created new weapons and armour for the Knights of the Silver Cross and made the magical Zhe Scabbard for Aesha Lehtranna.

During the Sixth Age he was tricked into travelling to Treneth where the original Sisterhood of the Crimson Shard used the power of the Trenkytis to ensnare him. For many centuries he was trapped into the form of two objects - the Dragonclaw Spear and Dragonbone Keep.

The Dragonclaw spear was wielded by Sulansis herself and used to 'kill' Mithrilanda.

The Sisters of the Barbed Claw, successors to the Crimson Shard, then held both these items until interference from the Knights of the Silver Cross and Mithrilanda led to Benethyarr's revival.

Since then the Barbed Claw have renounced the worship of Sulansis, reverted to their original name and now follow Benethyarr. Their leader Anyssa Sor Rossaim is bound to him after she was slain by the machinations of Sulansis and she now acts as a kind of Avatar for him.

Recently Benethyarr has demonstrated the ability to split himself into two separate beings; his normal self and a lesser form that he dispatches on tasks where he thinks he might attract too much attention himself.

Like all dragons Benethyarr has a strong link to Mithrilanda and although he apparently regards her as his superior the two seem to be good friends. Perhaps because of this he also has a strong affection for Aesha Lehtranna and her companions, despite their tendency to be rather rude to him and ask a lot of annoying questions...

Benethyarr has a strong interest in politics and is by nature sneaky, evasive and manipulative. He spent many happy centuries manipulating the politics of Danton and its allies and is currently looking for a new country to call home.

Benethyarr seems to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Dragon-Drake Erol.