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Astral Tags are related to Astral Beacons, but instead of being a static marker they are attached to the mind of sentient being and serve to make that individual more susceptible or identifiable to various forms of Mentalics.

An Astral Tag is visible to any spell that grants or reads Mentalic Impressions and when a spell of this kind encounters an Astral Tag it will report that fact to its caster. Each Astral Tag is inherently unique, making it a useful tool in targeting highly specific spells, and in addition its creator may append a short message to it (no longer than one or two sentences) which will then be apparent to any spell that detects the tag.

Projectile spells that inflict Psychic Damage are mildly drawn towards anyone bearing an Astral Tag, and gain +1 AM when aimed at such a target. In addition, spells that require a Mentalic Impression of their target in order to function gain a +50% bonus to their maximum range, if applicable. Spells that try to conceal or disguise their caster's mind are hampered by the presence of a tag and receive a -3 penalty to their effectiveness against other magic. Finally, some spells can only be cast if their target is first marked with an Astral Tag, or may grant specific bonuses when their target is tagged.

Although created by magic, Astral Tags do not count as Spells in their own right and cannot be dispelled, removed or otherwise affected except by spells that specifically state their ability to interact with Astral Tags. Tags will fade naturally over time however, and normally last no longer than 1 hour per point of Power invested in the spell that created them.