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Aesha Lehtranna was born in Great Heldmar on the second day of the Wolf, 394EA, and is the daughter of a Knight Adventurer of the Royal Order of the Lion and his consort.

In 409 EA, shortly before her sixteenth birthday, her father was killed by the Church of the Sword while visiting the Republic of Antalon. Despite their differences, Aesha was devastated; she abandoned her studies completely and withdrew into herself. Aesha's depression lasted for all of 410 EA and she missed her opportunity to try for the Royal Orders.

Finally, in 411 EA, Aesha recovered somewhat and accepted a visit from the Noble Order of the Moon. The emissary of the Moon, understanding her better than her family or friends, persuaded her to travel to the Tower of the Moon and attempt their tests of magic.

Aesha's magical ability proved to be of a rarely encountered strength; delighted with their find, the Moon made her an Acolyte at once, and her studies began in earnest. Her love of magic was immediate: finally she had found her calling, something for which she showed a unique gift and true understanding.

Passing up the ranks swiftly, Aesha completed her Knight Quest in 414EA, defeating a demonic creature that haunted the northern town of Kentic. Upon becoming a Knight Adventurer, Aesha was transferred from the Silver Moon Sect to the Silver Dragon Sect and moved from the Tower of the Silver Moon in Great Heldmar to the Citadel of the Silver Dragon in the far west of the kingdom. This citadel, controlled by the Silver Dragon sects of both the Royal Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Moon was her home for the next seventeen years.

For the first four years at the Citadel of the Silver Dragon, Aesha honed her magical skills, studying the massive magical libraries contained in the Citadel. Growing powerful in the magical arts, Aesha achieved Sorcerer Adventurer status in 418EA, displaying her mastery of Divination to her greatly impressed masters. Something in Aesha's inherently magical nature broke free at this point. Her powers passed beyond her control, and she fell into a deep trance and lay as if dead for the next thirteen years. In this time she grew younger, her appearance finally as it was at the age of eighteen, when she first became a Warrior Adventurer. She awoke with no memories of the time beyond that, and her powers had faded to those she had when taking her Knight Quest.

Aesha spent a year catching up with the modern day, until, tired of the mystery, she chose to join the Knights of the Silver Cross.

Soon afterwards, while investigating problems in Order of the Scorpion territory, she met Knight Feric Kayin of the Royal Order of the Scorpion, with whom she became romantically involved. He and Lord Alvarez travelled to Hightemple to assassinate the Spider Queen, but Kayin was killed in the attempt.

After defeating the evil that had possessed the Tower of Kallerain, Jerall Markant adopted Erol, a Dorai Khen, or Forest Drake, although Erol seemed to prefer the company of Aesha. Aesha depends on Erol a great deal and feels lost without him, regarding him as a member of the party in his own right.

Aesha chose to become the High Priestess of Mithrilanda, or Dragon Lady as she was then known by the Knights of the Silver Cross. This meant that she had to break her oaths to the Order of the Moon, and therefore transferred to the Noble Order of the Dreaming Sword, a related Order that permits worship of gods.

While in Nelonia, Aesha entered a draconic plane with Benethyarr and Erol in order to rejoin the rest of the party. However, on attempting to leave the Dragon Plane, Aesha's spirit was replaced by that of her former self, Knight Aesha Lehtranna.

Sorceress Aesha Lehtranna has now regained her body, but Knight Aesha Lehtranna remains as a spirit on this plane. She is currently haunting the scabbard made by Benethyarr for Aesha's sword.