Stand Firm!

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Cost: 4
Ability Type: Vocal Technique, Difficulty 18
Related Skill: Social Skills
Prerequisites: Resistance 3 and Leadership

As an experienced leader of men you are able to rally your troops and help restore their morale simply by shouting for them to stand firm or the like. A successful Social Skills: Leadership check for your shout strengthens the resolve of your men and helps to reverse any penalties they might be suffering from fear or uncertainty.

In addition you can directly counteract the effect of a war-cry by making an opposed Social Skills: Leadership skill check against its Intimidation total, with success on your part completely negating the effect of the enemy's boasts. However if you fail either form of Stand Firm! skill check then your faltering certainty becomes immediately apparent to your troops and their morale is damaged still further – perhaps penalising them in combat or possibly even causing them to flee (GM's discretion).